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All servers have been patched successfully - Some downtime of Zeus was experienced however this was kept to a minimum.
Please be advised that all servers of IAH and WIZZPA are undergoing patching for the ShellShock vulnerability - intermittent unavailability of the service is expected. Many thanks.
2014.09.08GEO-DNS + SEC
For the last week, ive been busy moving my messaging infrastructure into the open. At first this sounds pretty easy right ?

Well - part of messaging is speed - and of course security - Given the recent issues with a certain governmental agency in the US, the need for security and confidentiallity has practically exploded and for a long time, ive advocated a point of avoiding passwords and usernames and simply put, this identifies people when systems are compromized. Meaningless ids are far better however you need to ensure certain paradigms are inplace before you execute such a new design in tech.

We all secure our mobile phones and ipads with the level of security deemed necessary right ? So why again require ANOTHER password. Is it because you run multiple personalities or such - who knows. What i do know is that in designing any application enviornment password/username security is a nightmare - with 2 factor authentication (which honestly can also be broken if the insigator isnt soo paranoid) becoming the norm, at what point do you stop and realize this is a vicious cycle of stupidity that needs to be stopped before getting out of hand.

Surely Apple has this in mind right... You'd be wrong...

So for now 2 years, under the various application names, Uridium is coming - Using the new application infrastructure which we call Wizzpa, its a secure messaging service that will soon also support voice and video conferancing WITHOUT needing a username or password. 

Why have i done away with a password and username - well honestly who knows who shopgirl73 or manwithbighands is ? Only the people directly connected or in the know. In this world of dynamic personalities, you can be anyone, anywhere and frankly, giving you a fixed name and number is pointless. At that moment in time, if you want to find someone, they'll let you know who they are when necessary.
Ive been really busy with the design of a new communications layer to assist people in building social communication layers.

Stay tuned!
With the news of a significant OpenSSL exploit/vector, we've updated our core SSL component to the latest version to prevent leakage of valuable data.